Galisteo Aviation,
An Introduction

When some of the best companies in the world join forces to bring an idea to life, the results can be astonishing and exceed all expectations.

This is the vision of GALISTEO Infinite Aviation, now entering the VIP & VVIP Completion Market and fusing all the experience, talent and superior practices of our recognized world leader partners & suppliers. And this is what ensures that we achieve the highest standards of luxury and functionality.

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Our mission is simple but unique: to achieve client satisfaction, by converting inspiration into concepts, and making every concept a reality.

Main partners
& suppliers

Designing and completing luxury interiors for Head of State aircraft requires a clear understanding of government needs and tastes, and the skills to successfully complete every single step of a multidisciplinary project.

This is the outlook of GALISTEO Infinite Aviation, a company that specifically combines the expertise of world leader partners & suppliers in every single discipline to assure the success of every project we undertake.

Iberia Maintenance

As one of the top leaders in MRO activities worldwide.


Global leader in Engineering, Certification and Operations consultancy. Altran is Airbus Group Preferred Supplier (type A) of Engineering Services.

BMW Group Designworks USA

For Creative Design of total luxury and functional A/C interiors.

Our Aircraft

Thanks to a well-connected international network, GALISTEO Infinite Aviation provides rapid solutions for aircraft acquisition. At the client’s request, GALISTEO Infinite Aviation manages every step of the process of locating the required aircraft and offers clients a series of different options.

Because at GALISTEO we know that when a Government manifests the need to use a Head of State aircraft, the solution has to be provided in the shortest possible time. And this is why we strive day by day to maintain an updated database with available narrow and wide-body aircraft worldwide.

Customized creative design

At GALISTEO, our Interior Design Program is organized as a multi-phase iterative process, with each successive phase milestone narrowing towards a single holistic design solution.

At each step in the design process, our preferred supplier for design DesignworksUSA (BMW Group) uses a combination of 2D and 3D design tools to explore, define and recommend a clear and appropriate design solution for the intended Government unique flight missions, cultural perspective and expectations of a premium passenger experience at every touch point.

Although the interior of an aircraft defines the needs of its user, the exterior makes the first impression. An appropriate exterior design should suitably express and reflect the personality of a Head of State while maintaining the essence of aerodynamic movement. DesignworksUSA (BMW Group) provides different exterior design proposals seamlessly connected with the interior design so that the whole aircraft is seen as one unique unit.

Other Facts About Us

Parts & Monument

To translate an exceptional Head of State aircraft interior design into a truly astonishing and unique passenger experience, it is essential to manufacture each part and monument to the exact specifications outlined in the original design program.

Only the use of the most advanced technologies in aircraft parts and monuments manufacturing can assure a finished product in line with the superior luxury expectations of a Government aircraft.

GALISTEO Infinite Aviation only works with the best materials, the most prestigious companies in the world and a highly qualified team of professionals and technicians for Parts & Monuments manufacturing so that the highest quality standards are always met and exceeded.

Entertainment &

Because your office flies with you at all times, GALISTEO Infinite Aviation offers state-of-the-art connectivity in an open modular avionics platform to provide reliable, tailor-made and affordable services, from Enhanced EFB all the way through to Aircraft Connectivity and Wireless IFE.

Wireless In-Flight Entertainment

Enjoy a Next-Generation Advanced (NGA) Wireless IFE system incorporating the latest new technologies in both hardware and software to provide a super-light, high-performance and multi-redundant system with 100% passenger concurrency.

Aircraft Connectivity – On Ground & In Flight

Always stay connected with your aircraft via on-ground connectivity solutions (USB, Bluetooth, Wifi, WiMax) and in-flight connectivity solutions (L-band for instant messaging, Ku/Ka for full internet services).

Enhance Electronic Flight Bag

Discover our affordable, scalable and certified Class 2/3 EFB system, which can optionally integrate aircraft engineering data and back-office processes while allowing real- time connectivity via Iridium®.

Full Lifecycle

A major concern for most VVIP aircraft owners is how to maintain operational capabilities while at the same time improving availability and cost-effectiveness.

Iberia addresses this challenge by offering a complete package of Full Lifecycle Support worldwide with the guarantee of a very experienced group in aircraft maintenance and AOG services around the world.


Thanks to our partnership with Iberia, GALISTEO Infinite Aviation has premises totalling 150,000m2 in Madrid (Spain) allowing us to undertake a full range of aircraft maintenance services. These facilities include the necessary back-up shops providing services for wide and narrow bodies.

With highly qualified teams of professionals and technicians, Iberia today is synonymous with quality, guarantee and commitment.

Our Team

Juan José Mesía

Co-founder, executive partner and president

Originally from Spain but educated in the United States and Belgium, Juan Jose holds a Bachelor of Economics from Boston University and an MBA from the University of Louvain, Belgium.

He has held senior positions in many different sectors and as a natural entrepreneur he has been involved in many start-up companies, gaining extensive know-how in doing international business.

Concha Castillejo

Co-founder, executive partner and vice-president

Born in Valencia, Concha graduated in Law from the University of Valencia and later earned an MBA from Antonio de Nebrija University, going on to postgraduate and doctorate courses, with a Certificate of Research Proficiency.

She has served on the Boards of Directors of many companies, including a corporate aviation corporation, having performed duties with a high level of responsibility (general management) in Spain, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the USA.

Oscar Barnés

Head of company operations and global brand marketing

Spanish born and educated in Madrid, Oscar holds degrees in Sales and Marketing from the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and specializes in Aeronautical Finance and Accounting. He also has Private Pilot and Glider Licenses.

He has held a variety of top positions in the aviation industry and speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Rafael de Abbad-Bordiu

Responsible for the company's global expansion

Rafael is from Spain but was educated in Miami, FL, and then in the UK, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Business Administration at the University of Wolverhampton and a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Management in Santiago de Chile.

He has held senior positions in the commercial, cargo and executive aviation sectors.